Muffins, no need to put your broken makeup aside and feel sorry about wasted investment... go ahead and fix it all back to original/ useable condition and put it back in your stash! Just a few minutes and you will be a happy person by following the simple steps shown in the pictorial

Here is what you will need to do so:

  • A plastic case that has corners or a zip-loc bag.
  • A butter knife or spatula
  • Rubbing alcohol (available at pharmacies)
  • A clean mat to work on
  • A coin or dice (incase your pan is 4 sided and not round)
  • Tissue or piece of clean cotton/ t shirt fabric

Important: keep rubbing alcohol away from children in a safe location, label it clearly so that it can easily be identified.

With all that sorted out, this is how you will go about it:

Part 1:

  • Empty out the all contents of the broken powder into the corner of the ziploc and gently pound the plastic with the back of the knife to bring everything into a crushed form.
  • pour them all back into the pan or pot (since i was depotting my mac eyeshadows I emptied the contents in to the pan).
  • p.s. if you want convert loose pigments to pressed form you can follow the same procedure.
  • try to get as much as you can into the pan and if it pours on to the mat never mind you can collect it later.
  • press the heap with the knife to get the product smooth and well spread through the pan
Part 2:
  • Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the pan using either a medicinal dropper (available at pharmacies) or pour the spirit into a user friendly container like a sanitizer bottle and label it clearly.
  • The rubbing alcohol should be dropped in to all areas of the pan and let it settle, you can gently tap the pan on a table to ensure it has absorbed well.
  • Next take a coin and cover with a clean t shirt / tissue though I feel cloth works best. Pour a few drops of spirit on it and press it all over the eyeshadow pan gently but firmly.
Part 3:
  • If you feel that you can add more powder on to the pan, do so and repeat the process but do not add too much spirit additionally as it may change the color of you eyeshadow slightly (especially if you are dealing with metallic eyeshadows, I am talking from experience).
  • Keep the fixed eyeshadow aside for a few hours so that the spirit can dry, do not use immediately or the eyeshadow will not have set.

P.s.: you can try this for blushes, compacts, highlighters as well. However, you may not get the 100% look of its original form back but it will be pretty close.

Go ahead and mend away and don’t forget to send me the before and after pictures on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and yes do follow me on social media for my regular shenanigans! Happy usage!! xoxo

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